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British Wool Stair Runners

Solva Woollen Mill is proud of its long history of over 100 years weaving flat woven runners. We are now the only woollen mill in Wales that specialises in weaving this type of flooring and use traditional looms and time-honoured skills passed from generations of weavers.

A runner is defined as a long narrow rug or strip of carpet especially for a hallway or staircase. All of our runners are woven using 100% pure British Wool, that is spun and dyed for us by companies in Yorkshire. Wool has been used in carpets for centuries. It is the benchmark to which all other fibres are compared. Perfect for use in flooring as wool naturally repels dirt, making it excellent for stair runners and loose floor rugs.

Wool truly is a wonder fibre. It is strong, comfortable, and luxurious.

Nothing else gives quite the same look and feel as wool.