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The Ice Bear

Written and Illustrated by Jackie Morris

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In the beginning of time people and animals lived together on the earth and there was no difference between them. The air was pure and clear as crystal. Words held a magic. A word spoken in a chance, a wish or a whisper would hold a magic that would shape the world. Into this world they were born, in the dark months, when the cold and the wind turned the water to stone. So small. She held them close to keep them warm in the blue ice cave that was their world. But Raven tricked her. She stole away her child, carried him high into the darkness of winter, over the frozen sea. The bear wept when she found that her child had gone. Her ice tears formed scars on her cheeks. She held her one child safer and closer and waited for the sun to rise. But she never forgot.

Set in the pristine polar regions of the Arctic, Jackie Morris's beautiful story reminds us that we are caretakers of these wild creatures and our actions directly affect their future.

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Signed by Jackie Morris
Cover Hardback
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