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The Welsh Stick Chair Book

A wonderful visual record of the types of chairs that have been made in Wales for centuries.

The Welsh Stick Chair - A Visual Record, by Tim & Betsan Bowen,is about the type of ordinary everyday chairs which were made throughout Wales for many centuries and form part of its rich folk art tradition.

"The book is filled with images of over thirty different Welsh stick chairs, including two contemporary examples. It also illustrates and examines the connections between the stick chair and cricket tables and stools. The book examines how these chairs were often made by makers who were without formal training in joinery, and examines how those craftsmen were highly skilled and understood the way the wood grew and how each different timber could be best utilized.

The authors have used images of the chairs, stools and tables which they have photographed over many years as dealers in Welsh vernacular furniture. Their aim in producing this book is to extend the knowledge and appreciation of these important items of the Welsh folk art tradition." - Tim Bowen Antiques

Published by Pethe Press, and written in Welsh and English.

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