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Mrs Noah's Garden

The flood is over and while Mr Noah builds a house out of the ark, Mrs Noah creates a garden. Luckily her famous pockets contain seeds and she has some help from the children - and the creatures. Midsummer morning reveals an amazing sight - and a special surprise! It’s a book for our time, about hope and growth and new beginnings and kindness. Written by Jackie Morris and Illustrated by James Mayhew

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​This is a book about finding home, about hope, about growth. There’s a quiet wisdom in the pages, beautifully illustrated in glorious collage by James Mayhew, it is the perfect companion to Mrs Noah’s Pockets.

"Mrs Noah’s Garden was written at a time when there was a mass movement of people. Refugees who were fleeing war and global warming were receiving no welcome from countries steeped in privilege.
Mrs Noah is a rebel. The best kind of rebel. She’s quiet, thoughtful. She looks at the world with hopeful eyes and finds a beautiful way forward.
From the opening pages Mrs Noah sits on the hill where the ark has come to rest.
She has taken time to sit alone. And she misses her garden from home so much.
In her pockets she carried the mythical creatures, onto the ark, into the new world.
She understood that people will always need stories. She also carried seeds from her garden. Now she takes the time to plant and grow. And meanwhile someone else is growing. She gets help, and she grows hope.
Since beginning the book many things in the world have changed. For the privileged in the world movement has ceased and many of us are looking to our gardens for distraction. The refugees are still there. Their plight even more sore than before.
Mrs Noah’s song is always one of hope. She knows the only way to get through things is together.
My hope is that this book will lead people into the future with open hearts and open minds, and the understanding that rebellion can be calm, quiet and beautiful.
It’s all about thinking for yourself and acting on your thoughts". - Jackie Morris

The Guardian - "Mrs Noah's Garden is an exquisitely hopeful account of what might have happened when the ark touched land. Mayhew’s glorious collaged artwork combines with Morris’s restrained text to show how bare rock and sparse vegetation can become a flourishing garden, nurturing new life of all kinds".


Published: May 2020

Suitable for all ages

Hardback book 40 pages.





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Signed by Jackie Morris
Illustrated by James Mayhew
Cover Hardback
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