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Something about a Bear (2022)

A beautiful large-format, 2022 edition of Jackie Morris’s stunning and evocative celebration of bears. Written and illustrated by Jackie Morris.

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Here are eight majestic wild bears, brought to life in breathtaking watercolour paintings. But of all the bears in the wild, wide world, which is the best bear of all?

Kate Greenaway medallist, Jackie Morris, acclaimed illustrator of the international bestseller, THE LOST WORDS, has created this spectacular gallery of bears to instil a love of wild places and a respect for all creatures.

Jackie began writing Something about a Bear in a beautiful garden in Worcestershire. Her love of writing about Bears began many years before this with her first book Bears, Bears and More Bears. She has developed her ideas about writing, painting and looking and has thought about each page, the words and the bears for this book for some time. Jackie has created stunning watercolour paintings that describe 8 bears from all over the world shown in their wild habitats. Black Bear, Polar Bear, Sloth Bear, Spectacled Bear, Sun Bear, Panda, Moon Bear, and Brown Bear. Jackie asks at the end of book "But which is the best bear of all? Your own teddy bear, of course!"

Hardback - 40 Pages.

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Signed by Jackie Morris
Cover Hardback
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