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The Unwinding 2nd Special Edition

An exciting second special edition. It has a different secret tale woven within its binding, slumbering under the dust jacket for you to find.

All of Jackie's lovely books we sell are signed by her.

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This book is not meant to be read from cover to cover. It is a book for dreamers. Slight of word, rich of image, its purpose is to ease the soul. The paintings between these covers were worked in the between times, an unwinding of the soul, when the pressures of work were too much. Dreams and wishes are the inspiration at times like this. Threaded through the curious world of The Unwinding are words, slight and lyrical.

The Unwinding is a pillow book, in the ancient tradition of Sei Shonagan, a book to tuck up the sleeve, in a pocket, under a pillow, containing fragments of dreams. Designed to be a portal, a talisman, it invites readers to enter its world, through word and image. Their aim is to set the reader's mind adrift from the troubles of our times, into peaceful harbours where imagination can stretch, where quiet reflection can bring peace.

 "It’s like a small prayer book, something easy to carry with you. It contains within its pages many of the paintings I have done over years, drawn first into the pages of sketchbooks, then emerging as large paintings in colour. Each image carries many stories, and some of these are told in words to be read aloud or whispered in the head.

These are the paintings I work on in between books. You see working on a book can become very tense. So these images are my unwinding. Some images have never appeared in books before, and there are stories to be teased out of them along with words that I hope will be catalysts for dreaming", - Jackie Morris.


This special edition has a new secret tale woven within its binding, slumbering under the dust jacket for you to find.
The cover has been designed so that it can be opened up and framed.
Illustrated end papers designed by Jackie Morris.
Silk Bookmark


All copies signed by Jackie Morris

Suitable for all ages

Hardback book 180 pages





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